It all started in Undermat, Switzerland

Eurovelo 15 Rhine cycle route. We started at Undermat in Switzerland (this is the starting point of the Rhine) and we finish at Rotterdam. This is where the Rhine flows into the sea. 1265kms later

Gerhard en Mariana de Bruin. Johan en Annette Rademeyer

Welcome home is Gerhard and Mariaan de Bruin

Team Player of the Quarter

Team Player of the Quarter, 1st Clint and 2nd Ephesus

S&D Components ADO AAD (Pty) Ltd moves

S&D Components ADO AAD (Pty) Ltd moves to 147 Serenade road, Elandsfontein  17 December 2018.

S&D Team player of the Month of January & February 2019

Mr Kganyang Mofane is congratulated by Wendy Pretorius

Movember - Grow it. Show it. Support it.

S&D salutes Kganyang Joe Mofane and France Manaka

S&D salutes Kganyang Joe Mofane for his excellent work making sure the forklift is always in good order and kept clean. We aslo salute France Manaka for his excellent work in making sure the generator was always started and kept in good order.

S&D Components sold

S&D Components has been sold to AAD group of companies 1 December 2018

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